Boat insurance

Boat Insurance

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Having a boat requires a lot of care and maintenance, and being on the water, hundreds of events can harm you. The way to take care of your back in case of any incident is to have boat insurance covering all your needs and economic scope.

What is boat insurance?

It is a contract that offers to pay users in case of damages, accidents, thefts, and damages caused by weather events (storms, cyclones, tsunamis, among others).

In addition to taking care of civil liability and attention in case of unwanted occurrences.

What is boat insurance?

Benefits of having boat insurance

Having boat insurance is a must for those who wish to take care of their life and property. Insurers offer several packages that can be paid for in periodic formats that will save you thousands of dollars a year. As well as advantages such as:

Benefits of boat insurance

Why hire Autopublic as an intermediary?

At Autopublic, we find the insurance company that will meet your needs and offers you the best benefits to purchase your boat insurance.


Trust in our services, and with boat insurance, you will continue sailing unworried under the warm sun and the blue sky. Let us help you stay protected while exploring the waters.

Why hire Autopublic as an intermediary?