Off-road vehicle insurance

Off - Road Vehicle Insurance

Off - Road / passenger insurance

Going on a trip anywhere in the world will be easy with a passenger insurance policy. The reason? Being confident that you are backed up in case of any incident is crucial, and we will help you get the policy that best suits your needs. 

What is passenger insurance?

These are contracts where the insurer offers personal protection services, expense coverage, and on-site care for people who decide to visit a new city or country. 

Depending on the agency, payments must be complete or periodic installments. An investment that offers care during personal family travel.

What is passenger insurance?

Why is it important to have passenger insurance?

Unfortunate situations can arise at any time. Being in another city or country and having actual and legal support guarantees that the problem will be solved quickly.

In addition to this, the prices to be paid for hospitalization, damages to third parties, or even death can be costly. With a passenger insurance policy, every precaution will be taken care of, and you will protect your pocket and the integrity of the rest of the people involved.

¿Por qué es importante tener un seguro para pasajeros?

Benefits of seeking a policy with Autopublic's help

We are the ideal mediators with more than 11 years of experience in the market. We guarantee to find you the perfect coverage. According to where you are going, the legal implications can be varied, and at Autopublic, we take care of studying each option and present you with the one that will best meet your needs.


You can leave the paperwork in our hands, and in no time, you will be enjoying the vacation of your life and with the certainty that you are not alone.

Benefits of searching a policy with Autopublic's help