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Vehicle Registration

Self-registration service

Do you need to pay for your vehicle’s self-registration?

Are you overwhelmed by the long lines at the DMV?

Don’t worry; Autopublic can help you get your tags quickly!

Which self-registration services can we help you with?

To guarantee your peace of mind, we offer you this service so that you won’t have to waste time in long lines, even though these services require specific requirements that we can provide you with before contracting them. 

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Among the DMV services we can expedite, you can find:

If you have bought a new car or sold one, it is necessary to make the change of ownership; for this, you must perform a series of cumbersome procedures that will take several days. 

Although it may not seem like it, losing the vehicle’s papers or having the decals stolen is more common than you think. But there is no need to be alarmed, although it is true that losing this type of documents can be worrying when you have the help of Autopublic; everything is easier and simpler. 


For this management, we will need certain documents such as the payment of the duplicate and the license or any other documentation. We assure you that if you leave it in our hands, you will have an immediate response. 

Whether you have purchased your car in California and are moving to another state or the other way around, you need to comply with the requirements of the place you are moving to. To do this, you need to arrange the move so that you can comply with all the rules of where you are going. 


You must meet the requirements before applying for the DMV; otherwise, the application will not qualify for registration. 


Benefits of hiring your auto insurance at Autopublic

We are experts in auto insurance

At Autopublic, we not only help you with your car registration, but we also offer you the best options in auto insurance services. Contact us if you want to insure your car with the best companies. 


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