Motorcycle Insurance

Insure your motorcycle today!

Riding a motorcycle implies risks for the driver and the people around it, so having adequate insurance is the ideal way to ride safely. At Autopublic, we take care of putting you in the insurance company’s hands that will solve any inconvenience.

What is motorcycle insurance?

It is a contract with an insurance company that allows you to protect your motorcycle from any damage. It can cover medical expenses in case of an accident and even has coverage for damages caused to third parties in the worst-case scenario.


Because of the risk implications, motorcycle insurance has higher membership fees and payouts than automobile policies. However, they are much more complete and promise immediate response to drivers.

What is motorcycle insurance?

Advantages of having motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance allows the rider to experience speed and freedom without fear. According to the agency contracted, the policy offers coverage for accident damages, civil liability, theft, and even assistance in medical complications on the road.

Advantages of having motorcycle insurance

Why trusting Autopublic is your best alternative?

Finding an agency that adapts to your budget or situation is complicated. At Autopublic, we become your ally so that you can hire the agency that will give you all the benefits for competitive prices.

We guarantee that your motorcycle will be safe from all the risks involved in its driving. From the beginning, we will look for adequate coverage to enjoy this vehicle without worries and with the confidence that you will receive the necessary support in case of any incident. 

Why is Autopublic your best alternative?